Important decisions require facts. Use a tool, that will give you realistic data and knowledge of every process and all the projects. For all industries. For every need. For you.

  • Manage all processes of your company simply and clearly in one tool

  • Choose the level of detail that is appropriate and useful for you

  • Make quality expectations in your processes measurable

  • Gain a quick overview of projects, resources and costs

  • Break down complex projects into smart sub-projects with one click, for easier control

  • Automated status reports inform you about the current status and escalation needs

  • Secure company knowledge sustainably by digitizing it

  • A Glossary provides all meaningful terms used in the company and their definitions - so everyone speaks the same language

  • Real data mapping: Check whether your processes and projects are realistic or should be optimized

  • Simulate the result if processes would change

  • Save all ideas on the idea board

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